Better Call Saul season 3, episode 9: Watch online

Better Call Saul season 3, episode 9 entitled ‘Fall’ will air on Monday, June 12, and here’s all the info that you need to watch

Better Call Saul season 3, episode 9 signals that the third chapter in this ill-fated story about Jimmy McGill is coming to a close. As we’ve come to expect with Vince Gilligan and this show, though, that means you should buckle up for “Fall”, which airs on Monday, June 12.

Thus far in Better Call Saul season 3, things have been deteriorating little by little. We’re starting to see more and more that Jimmy is slipping into “Slippin’ Jimmy” or Saul Goodman ways more and more. As a result, that’s going to set bad things into motion eventually — if they haven’t already started.

However, that’s not all. Last week, Nacho finally put his master plan into place. Looking to take down Hector Salamanca, he finally replaced his heart pills last week. Now comes the task of waiting him out. That will almost surely not go as smoothly as Nacho would hope. And with Mike being on the periphery of the situation, he might become involved.

Then, of course, there’s more to happen regarding Chuck, Harold and Kim as they are all measuring egos currently and coming to terms with various thing. When you take all of that and insert Jimmy into the mix, things are about to get wild.

Take a look at the preview for Better Call Saul season 3, episode 9, “Fall”:

As always, Better Call Saul will air on AMC. That means there are a number of streaming services to watch online. However, both AMC Live and Fubo.TV require some sort of subscription to use.

Details for Monday’s episode are below:

Date: Monday, June 12
Start Time: 10:00 p.m. ET
Episode: Fall
TV Info: AMC
Live Stream: Stream 1 | Stream 2

As stated, this is a show that packs a big punch at the end of the season. So if you’re expecting a happy ending to start being set up on Better Call Saul season 3, you might want to recalibrate.