I’m a digital junkie and love watching online shows and short films: Kritika Kamra | tv

Actor Kritika Kamra says she’s hooked to digital content, and is therefore excited about its rising popularity in India. She says, “I am the consumer for everything digital. I watch a lot of movies and shows on my phone, and the first thing I check in the morning is Twitter. I’m a digital junkie, as it is an exciting space and there is a lot of great stuff happening in it.”

Kritika says she enjoys short films, as they don’t need much time and get to the point quickly. She also likes that these productions put across a different point of view. “There are new and different voices putting stuff out there that can’t be shown on television. It is a strong medium, especially for the youth. I am very happy that I’m being offered work in web series and short films. I don’t want to be just a television actor. I want to work in different mediums,” the actor says.

Kritika also finds content on the web appealing, as it’s different from the standard fare on TV. She says, “I’m greedy and want to be part of both. I don’t think the digital world is a threat to other mediums, as television is on another level and has the biggest reach. You get TV in even the remotest parts of the country.”

Kritika may be hooked to her phone, but she isn’t very active on social media. The actor admits she is online “only because of peer pressure”. “It’s quite hectic to stay updated or keep posting stuff. There are days when I’m having a good time and forget to click a selfie, and the next day, I realise I have nothing to post. I don’t feel the need to Tweet all day. I love to be online, but I’m not a narcissist (laughs). That’s not a good thing; I am not proud of it. As an actor, you need to be self-loving and I am not. I am quite self-critical and I have to put in extra effort to remember to post stuff,” she says.

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