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The fourth season of The Originals continues on Friday night with episode 10, “Phantomesque.” Here are the details on how to watch online.

For all Elijah Mikaelson fans out there, this Friday’s episode of The Originals will be a can’t miss hour of TV. He may have died as The Hollow’s sacrifice in the last episode, but this week will be an Elijah-focused episode. It is even directed by Daniel Gillies.

All of this focus on Elijah mostly comes from Freya. She is on a mission to restore Elijah’s broken mind. Her pendant may have saved his soul, but when it shattered, so did Elijah’s mind. Thanks to an assist from Hope, the family knows Elijah is still alive. However, getting him out of the pendant will be a difficult task.

In order to save her brother’s life. Freya must fix his mind from the inside. This means Freya will get a glimpse inside the past 1000 years of Mikaelson history. While Klaus is seen as the more violent and reckless brother to Elijah’s more civilized and honorable reputation, Elijah is still a vampire. As hinted at in earlier seasons, the elder Mikaelson brother has his fair share of violence and bloodshed in his past. Now Freya gets a front row seat to these memories.

Meanwhile, Klaus is channeling his grief over Elijah’s death into one purpose, taking down The Hollow. Now the she has her body back, The Hollow will be stronger than ever. Luckily, Klaus will not be alone in is mission. Rebekah and Kol are back in New Orleans to fight alongside Klaus.

Here are all the details on how to watch season 4, episode 10 of The Originalsboth on TV and online:

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